Evans Creek

Six Jeeps, their drivers and guests arrived at the 410 Cafe for a hearty breakfast before hitting the trails - some on time, some late. Let’s just blame it on traffic. But we were soon underway towards Evans Creak, errr, Creek. New gravel going up to the parking lot - nice! We unloaded and were looking around for our Toyota-driving friend Jeff. Being of the patient kind, we didn’t wait for a second and moved on. :-)The rain, today and days before, made it more interesting than it was in the spring, but it all seemed “doable” for Jeeps without lockers and winches, ... until after lunch. Lunch was a treat. Instead of yer ol’ sammy, we cooked up some Fall City Funky Chili and served two different kinds of home made cookies. Great cooking and baking! As we progressed through the day, our numbers were reduced due to other obligations, misbehaving computers and yet another damaged brake line. We finished the day with just three Jeeps and two Fords, the later two being tow rigs. One of those (mine) had suffered a gash in its right-rear tire. Damn that new gravel! Notice to Ford. I haven’t looked at your trucks for quite a while, but if you still mount the spare like you did in 1997, you deserve a swift kick in the a@%