2010 Jamboree

Leaving the best for last, the Wandering Willys hosted a Saturday Rim Rock run for a total of eight Jeeps. Traveling along
“Leaning Tree” and “Short and Dirty”, the vistas were breathtaking, spirits were high and camaraderie was outstanding. A lot of pictures were snapped and damage was taken. The trails offered high-degree of difficulty and even higher degrees of fright. Off-camber driving was never my favorite and certainly isn’t welcome when there are no trees to catch you. One Jeep rolled, but instead of rolling on down a hill, it merely rolled onto its roof. First repairs were necessary fifteen feet or so into “Leaning Tree”. A spring had sprung and dislodged a brake line. Neither was a problem allowing the Jeep to continue. Soon we motored on up to higher altitudes for lunch. Some challenges were unavoidable, causing all of us to use our winches; other challenges were selected by the brave. Rick (participant) took on a deep mud hole with, what started the day as the most capable Jeep, but ended the day as the most stricken with broken wheels and an electrical fire under the hood. As it turned out, if you drove a flat-fender and went on a Wandering Willys run this week, your chances of rolling were 100%. As happened two days prior to another driver, this driver rolled his Jeep in what was not a difficult section of the trail.The Jeep was righted, but the carnage continued. At this point, we had damaged windshields, a dangling marker light, a bent tie rod, a welded axle and a welded rim. Not counting the damage to the rolled flat-fender and of course ignoring damage to soft tops, roll cage padding, fenders flares, paint and such, ... we were doing pretty well. Another rim gave out close to the end of ”Short and Dirty” causing that Jeep to limp back to the road on three x 38” tires and one 35”. Rick was probably grateful that there was a 35 around.

I continue to be amazed to the level of help offered to those who need it and the tools and parts that make it out onto our runs, appearing seemingly out of nowhere when needed. Everyone made it back to camp and all were smiling. A great day!