Labor Day 2010

This Labor Day weekend saw some labor on part of the Wandering Willys. We spent the Saturday replacing trail signs on 4W307 under the guidance of the Forrest Service, visiting Funny Rocks and returning via Moon Rocks. Sunday was spent on Rocky Saddle and Shoestring. All this begun with different plans to work around Friday’s I-90 traffic mess. Hoping for the best,
Randal and I went through the thick of it. How bad can get? BAD! REALLY BAD!

The approach to the campground was so rough, it felt at times like my camper was going to jump off the truck. The gravel road was particularly hard on tires. At least one truck tire and two trailer tires had to be replaced. Once again I appreciated that U-Haul had over-engineered its trailers - heavy duty tires. We encountered several on-trail traffic jams, replaced signage, retrieved broken signage and recycled it by turning it into yard art. 4W307 now goes through Fall City, ...if you believe the signs. A ticket was written by the Forrest Service, causing a few hateful stares in our direction. Oh well.

The burn-ban had been lifted just a day before, so a campfire was in order for the evening entertainment. Fall came early in this year. While still officially summer, we encountered snow on Rocky Saddle. Falling lightly, but steadily enough for me to put up the top on my TJ and sing Christmas songs over the CB. Gloves and a hat also turned out to be useful. Saturday’s lunch was Fall City Funky Chili - or “FC-squared” — prepared by Randal. While this time we were able to “dine” in the sun,
I’ll bet that FCFC will really be a hit when things get colder. Only a few of us played at the Funny Rocks, with
Randal creeping up “The Crack”.