2010 Jamboree

Mitch Carter was our fearless leader for the Clover Springs and Glass Creek runs. We had a leisurely start at 8:30am, some with espresso in hand. The morning and early afternoon were rather uneventful on the Clover Springs part of the trail. We stopped for lunch at the top where the snow put an end to the trail. At about 2:30 in the afternoon we started the Lower Glass Creek Trail after an unanimous vote that everyone was willing/able to go on this extra section. This is when the day turned eventful.

Everyone made it through the tight trees by the river and then started up the LONG hill climb. A 4 Runner needed some help up to the top. Steve Brown provided the winch line. After he made it up, a visitor from Utah in a Cherokee got a flat tire about halfway up the hill thanks goes out again to Steve Brown for the winch pull. Save the best for last, the second to the last Jeep to attempt the climb was driven by an elderly couple in a Willys. They took a bad bounce at the beginning, rolled onto the side and slid back down. Thankfully everyone was safe. As usual for a Wandering Willys run, everyone was extremely helpful in getting the rig right side up and running. This was no small feat: pulling the rear drive line, fixed 2 flat tires, and lots of winch pulls to mention just some of the work. Amazingly, once we made it to the logging road, the driver actually drove it back to camp. For what usually is a short day, it turned into the longest trail of the Jamboree for the WWJC. We rolled into camp at 8:45pm, 12 hours after we had left.